Easy Way To Wrap Up A Simple Outfit

Whew, May really flew by! I’ve been so wrapped up with work and social events that I haven’t been able to shoot many photos recently, but here’s one of my favorite looks from the past few weeks: I usually stick to three colors max, but this silk scarf is the biggest rule-breaker in my closet. It’s a mix […]

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A Simple Contrast

 I like the contrast of a long-sleeved top with high-waisted shorts. I just found this top at Zara and I love it. It has a beautifully detailed guipur sleeve, which gives it an on-trend look, while still looking elegant. Wearing Top: Zara Shorts: Zara

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Black and White Mood

I’ve been in quite the black and white mood lately! I love any outfit with a simple elegant look, which is why I frequently gravitate towards the combo. Here are two of my latest looks with the classic pairing. The first is a weekend outfit, the second is work attire. All photos taken in Seattle. Wearing Jacket: […]

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Twitter Gets a Facelift

Before I write this post, I must note that I will be devoting a section of this blog to discussing social media. Social media is both part of my profession, as well as one of my passions.  Twitter is starting to look a lot like Facebook. Today Twitter released an updated profile layout, now available to all users. The most noticeable […]

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Dressing for the Occasion: Rattlesnake Ridge Hike

The weather for our recent April hike was unreal! For April in Seattle, that is. It was in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky. The boyfriend and I decided it was a perfect day for our first hike of the year. We went up to Rattlesnake Ridge, which is off of Exit […]

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