By now, most people understand how blogging works. To put it simply, bloggers post their favorite items and purchases from interested readers make them a SMALL commission.

Of course there’s more to blogging than this.
Blogging takes a lot of work. It’s an investment of both time and money. For every perfect picture you see or well-written post you read, there’s a lot of time that went into producing it.

Running a professional blog is equivalent to running a business. It requires researching, purchasing, shooting, emailing, invoicing, doing taxes, running social media, writing, editing, promoting, paying photographers, etc. The list goes on. For many, it requires time and energy every day, especially on the weekends.

For this reason, if you’re going to shop the Nordstrom sale, shop through your most-loved blogs.

Not only is it a great way to support your favorite bloggers, but it makes shopping easier for you too, as you’re choosing from a curated selection. If you love a blogger’s content, it’s an easy way to support all their hard work that you’ve enjoyed for free. Plus, it won’t cost you anything extra. That payment comes from the retailer and the affiliate site.

Why would a retailer do this? Because it allows them to more accurately attribute online sales and even more impactful: they know that if they put an incentive out there, the blogging community is more likely to promote their products. And that’s why if you follow any variety of fashion bloggers, you are currently seeing many, many posts about the Nordstrom sale on Instagram.

I, too, love seeing what everyone else (bloggers and non-bloggers, alike) is buying and I’ve found that the mere-exposure effect definitely has an impact: The more I see certain items, the more I wish I bought them before they sold out.

I have two strategies for shopping this sale.

1) Buy beauty items. They rarely go on sale.

2) If you want it, don’t wait to buy it. Many items sell out on the first day of pre-sale (gone before the public sale even starts). You can decide if you’re going to keep it, but if it sells out, it may be hard to come by again — especially on sale.

Here are a few items I wish I’d purchased.

This jacket in YELLOW. I was on the fence, but wish I bought it because it’s so cute.

This Madewell scarf.

FRAME makes my favorite jeans. I was contemplating buying this pair and now it’s sold out. I’m almost sure it will come back in stock, but again, I have non-buyers remorse.

This cardi in camel or grey. It looks so cozy and it’s great for layering.

This skirt. I love it. I thought/think it’s too expensive, but apparently I’m in the minority because it’s sold out.

And the best items I bought:

My favorite purchase: I have been using this every day.

This shirt. I bought a similar one from Reformation, which you may have seen on my Instagram.

This cami. So chic and simple, great for layering! It’s mostly sold out.

These shoes for work. Again, if you can’t tell, I try to buy only things I can get lots of wear out of.

This top. It’s chic and will pair well with lots of pieces.

Charlotte Tilbury and NARS. If you know these brands, enough said. But if you’ve never tried CT, her lipstick is my absolute favorite. This is my go-to color.

I also bought some Estee Lauder and their gift with purchase is SO awesome! It’s a cute makeup bag + samples. If you normally buy Estee Lauder, stock up now to get the gift with purchase while they have the promotion. I took it with me to Chicago and it was perfect for traveling.


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