Today’s post in the Instagram and Blogging Series is all about loop giveaways.

Loops can be a great way to build a following. I’ve seen accounts go from 20,000 to over 100,000 just by doing loops. But you have to be smart about what you’re looping.


How To Grow Your Instagram With Loop Giveaways

What is a loop giveaway? If you’re not familiar with a loop or don’t know how they work, basically a host gets a group of accounts together to give away a prize. Each participant pays a buy-in fee and is responsible for posting a specific post at a specific time to announce the giveaway and link up to all the other accounts. This linking creates a loop. In order for someone to enter the giveaway, they must follow everyone who’s involved with the loop, making it a great way to grow a following.

I have done plenty of loops since I joined Instagram and today for the first time, I hosted my own! And wow, was it a lot of work! A host has to be very organized and diligent about who they have in their loops, otherwise the loop will fail.

Find a loop that will work for you: Here’s how to narrow it down.

How can you tell if you should join a loop?

Make sure you’re only joining a niche loop. This is the most important factor in whether or not a loop will work for you. Imagine if you join a loop with a bunch of different account types (i.e. a few fashion blogs, mom blogs, and DIY blogs, all mixed together). You’re not going to attract the right followers.
Many hosts don’t care whose joining their loops, they just want to fill the loop, so they’re not going to say no when you ask to join. As a host, I totally disagree with that approach because the participants get gypped in the long run. Why? Because going back to the psychology of unfollowing, one of the main reasons that someone will unfollow your account is because your content doesn’t resonate with them. So if you gained 400 followers from a mixed loop, but most of them came from other accounts that are not related to your content, chances are, once the loop is done and they start seeing your content in their feed and find it irrelevant, they’re going to unfollow you! So only join a loop with bloggers who produce the same type of content as you. If you’re not sure, make sure to ask the host who else is in the loop. A lot of people don’t realize this and just want to join a loop to quickly grow their account. Do not do this.

Make sure you like the prize. Only join a loop if YOU would be interested in the prize. If not, then your ideal following would not be either, which is the easiest way to tell that joining that loop would be a mistake!

Make sure you like the host’s account.  If you don’t like the content the host creates, you’re not going to like the people who are attracted to their content and thus again you won’t be growing a targeted following.

You’ve Signed Up For A Loop — What Happens Next? Tips And Tricks For Success:
Mark your calendar and set an alarm. The most important thing when it comes to join a loop is to show up and post at the exact time that the host requires. If you don’t, it will break the entire loop and cause a big problem and you may not be allowed to join again in the future. Once you pay for a loop, you secure your spot and if you miss it, most hosts will not give you a refund because it’s unfair to everyone else who showed up and paid their portion of the prize.

Three steps to ensure you’ll be ready to go:

  1. Set an alarm on your phone, calendar, etc. to save the date and time
  2. Setup a draft in Instagram so that you’ll be ready to go
  3. Double-check that you’re tagging the correct person. Aside from missing a loop, there’s nothing worse than breaking the chain by tagging the wrong account.


I was lucky to have found a great group of girls for this first loop and our loop went off without a hitch! This was with a group of many first-timers too so I was really appreciative of everyone’s diligence in making sure they were all setup. You would be surprised by the number of times I’ve been a part of a loop where someone’s goofed up or missed it.

How to join a loop: Check Instagram and look for loops in which accounts similar to you are participating in. If you are a fashion blogger with a great account, I’d love to have you join my Facebook group to sign up for future loops. If you’re not a fashion blogger but need recommendations for loops, please drop a note below and I can try to help you find the right loop for you!




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