Top 6 Self-Portrait Dresses I Love + Similar Styles

Self-Portrait makes the most gorgeous dresses! With the Shopbop sale happening, I saw a few on there (they’re selling quick!) and so I was excited to make this top 6 post all about my favorite Self-Portrait dresses, but as I was browsing, I began to see a variety of similar options. His designs are very influential and their popularity has inspired a slew of similar creations across retailers (everyone from Forever 21 to brands more expensive than Self-Portrait has something similar). Part of me cringes about promoting an inspired version because I want to celebrate a designer’s work and I don’t like promoting copycats, but at the same time, these are not cheap dresses so if you’re looking to buy something, I want to make sure you get a comprehensive look at what’s out there. Without further ado, here are my favorite Self-Portrait dresses. Not all of them have dupes, but you can see that some have really similar options. If you like these dresses, I’ve also linked a few additional similar and more affordable styles under the post for you to check out.

Fashion to Follow Amanda Magani Self Portrait blue Azaelea Dress Chanel boy bag

Red Self Portrait Dress

The Azaelea Dress
Similar styles: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1) This perfectly “millennial pink” dress. This is my favorite dress on this list.
Similar: This dress
is similar in design, but a different color and designer and almost half the price. Still expensive though.
This is also VERY similar in cut.

2) This baby blue mini with the coolest shoulder details. I actually may like this one more than the first dress on the list.

3) This white mini dress and a similar style under $50, as well as this gorgeous alternative inspired style. This top from Mango is also very similar.

4) This dusty blue mini dress.

5) This Bea Midi dress .

6) This red mini dress.

Similar affordable dresses inspired by Self-Portrait

1 // 2 // 3


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