nordstrom half-yearly sale fashion to follow
The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale starts today and runs through June 4th. It’s a great time to stock up on a few new cute clothes and shoes for summer. I’m especially liking their variety of sandals and tops! There are 14,000 items on sale. Here are my Fashion To Follow top 6 (#FTFTop6) picks:

1) This denim OTS (off-the-shoulder) top
2) These 7FAM bootcut jeans (would make a cute outfit paired with the top above!) Same with these Articles of Society pair that are $40.
3) This cute and very reasonably priced sandal. It’s nice that they’re heeled. Same with these and these. I also found this cute perforated oxford for $42 and it’s very similar to the Stella McCartney Elyse Canyon pair.
4) This darling yellow jacket. It’s selling quickly because they’re already out in my size and a few others.
5) This darling white dress. Also, this cute tiered lace dress and this slip in Dusty Rose. Perfect for layering on a summer night outing.
6) This sleek belted drape-front coat. I love this look!


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