Meet the bags taking over your Instagram feed this spring.
If you’re like me, you love keeping track of the latest it bags. I don’t know what it is, but I have always liked being in the know about trends – and only following the ones that really fit my style. This spring, we’re seeing a variety of bags cropping up on Instagram and hitting critical mass. And while you may lust after them, whether or not you end up buying into the trend is a different story. When it comes down to it, for most, a designer bag is an investment that you’ll want to last for years to come, not a fleeting trend you or your wallet want to be apart of (#RIPCHLOEDREW). (Read about how to justify buying a designer bag, here.)
Here’s the thing about me and about Fashion To Follow: I don’t like cheap things and I don’t like wasting money. So for me, making an expensive purchase is something I contemplate carefully. I know I don’t want to waste money on a cheapy, low quality version because that just feels like I’m burning money. I also know that if I make a big purchase, it has to be something I can use and love for years to come. I refuse to blindly buy into a trend. With that said, it’s still fun to be in the know about what’s trending.
Whether or not the popularity of these current it bags will last for longer than a few seasons is something time will tell. Regardless, we know they’re all over today’s Instagram feeds. In no particular order, here are the It Bags of the moment.

1) Prada Cashier Bag Here and here . I LOVE this bag style. It’s so unique. I can’t decide if I like white or black more. There is also a cute pink version

2) Gucci The matelasse Marmont, Dionysus, and Sylvie are just a few of the bags Michele has created. His classic-with-a-twist designs combine beauty and function and it’s no wonder why they’re such a hit.

3) Mansur Gavriel Haven’t heard of them? Good. That’s when you know you’re buying it at the right time, before the price increases. Of course these bags have been on style mavens’ radars for a few years and are constantly selling out. Probably because they’re cute, relatively inexpensive compared to the bigger names, and very well-made.

4) Cult Gaia This is another new brand taking Instagram by storm. You’ve most likely seen the Arc bag and have noticed it’s unique basket design. Best of all, it’s currently under $300.

5) Roger Viver Simple bags with a bold and shiny statement. Anyone else getting Manolo vibes?

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