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If you’ve seen my recent Instagram post, you may have noticed a few twisted nail polish bottles sprinkled about in the photo. Haven’t seen these polishes before? I know when I saw them for the first time, their unique shape immediately caught my eye. When I learned that they were Essie, I knew I’d have to test them out. I initially purchased two colors and quickly realized that not only do these colors look amazing, but they last for 2 weeks! I personally am the type of person who would rather save money on a mani/pedi and just do it myself; I’ve never gotten a gel mani and am also pretty careful about the type of polish I use, sticking to toxic-free, 3-free and 5-free polishes. I can justify spending a few more bucks on a bottle that has better ingredients and will last much longer than a one-time stop in a salon. I also love nail polish because it’s the easiest way to change up your style, especially if you’re normally not into buying trendy things, nail polish is so inexpensive comparatively that it’s easy to justify buying a bottle over buying a new outfit. Plus, it always makes me feel put together. So I tried Essie Gel and boy does it deliver! The colors are amazing. When I first tried them last fall, they had a few colors. Now, they’ve launched multiple collections, including the Atelier and Ballet Nudes sets, both of which I love. Most importantly, they’re free of toxins formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. They dry quickly, require no base coat, no gel heat lamp – nothing more than a color and a top coat (and sometimes I just do the color and it still looks great, the top coat just makes it shinier and lasts longer)! If you ever needed an excuse to start a nail polish collection, let this be it. With a top coat, the color lasts for two weeks and is very rich in pigmentation and shines beautifully. I love these polishes so much! I should also note that this is in no way sponsored by Essie. It’s just me gushing about a product I think you’re going to love too. Here are my favorite top 6 colors for spring. Try them out and let me know what you think. Don’t forget the top coat!

1) Essie ‘Preshow Jitters’
2) Essie Gel ‘Sew Me’
3) Essie Gel ‘On the List’
4) Essie Gel ‘Pinned Up’
5) Essie Gel ‘Spool Me Over’
6) Essie Gel ‘Perfect Posture’


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