Warby Parker University Village

Warby Parker University Village

Warby Parker Leith Clark White
Warby Parker x Leith Clark
Do you know the brand Warby Parker? The wildly successful and innovative glasses company has revolutionized the optical market through an entirely unique customer experience and offers designer eyewear at a fair price, while operating a socially conscious business. Founded in 2010 by two students, Warby Parker came about as an alternative solution to the mainstream glasses companies that dominated the market — and the price points. They offer an awesome home try-on program where you receive 5 frames and can decide which one works best for you over 5 days at home. So much more relaxed than only having a few minutes to try them on at a store! For many, glasses are something you wear every day — when committing to a pair, it’s so important to make sure they’re a good fit, rather than making a quick decision. (I’ve learned the hard way with sunglasses!) Best of all, for every pair that’s purchased, a second pair is given to someone in need. Working in social media, I love how innovative this brand has been with their marketing approach and distinctly remember seeing friends post photos with their Warby Parker glasses home try-on kit on Facebook when I was in college.

Having admired Warby Parker for years, I was especially excited to collaborate with them on this post. Warby Parker has recently teamed up with Leith Clark, launching a collection of five vintage-inspired frames. Clark, the editor of Violet Magazine, brings her cool, 70’s aesthetic to this collaboration to create some of the most beautiful and unique frames I have ever seen. The frames take the classic look of Warby Parker and evolve them into an entirely new and unique collection. I am a big believer in adding a statement piece to an outfit and for me, that’s typically done by adding a pair of sunglasses. With this collection, each frame is so uniquely beautiful that adding one to a look would really add that factor. With this partnership, Warby Parker is donating to Girl Up, an organization that is dear to Leith. “The United Nations Foundation’s campaign encourages girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities for girls all around the world.” What an awesome cause!
In addition to this collaboration, today, Warby Parker launched three limited-edition lenses with Tyler Oakley. Perfect time to shop for someone who would love a new pair of frames — or for yourself. 😉 If you’re in Seattle, be sure to check out their new store at University Village (shown above). It’s SO cute!


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