Seattle Seafair with Amanda from in a Wayf off the shoulder top

Wayf top (Nordstrom Sale) / ASOS Jeans

Final Nordstrom Sale Picks

It’s the last day of the Nordstrom Sale and if you’re like me, pretty much every time you take a look at the NSale, you just happen to find something else that you missed before…
So for that reason, I was pretty good about not looking. Until I went shopping with my boyfriend (for him!) and a pair of boots (which I’d initially decided against) caught my eye, again. In the previous post, I shared my initial picks. Well let me tell ya, there have been quite a few finds since then.

Here are my favorites:

    These boots (pretty much sold out.)
    This Milly dress
    TWO MAC lip + eyeshadow + mascara kits (For this price, this is A DEAL!) I bought the pink and the red kits. I love the colors of the lipsticks and both mascaras are amazing.
    This blouse, in three colors. (Pink, black, and green.) I’ve worn the pink one to work a few times and just love the way it looks. So many people asked me where it’s from, which prompted me to do this post.
    These work-appropriate leggings. Paired with the top above.
    This shift dress. It has the coolest pattern. (Usually I avoid patterns, but this caught my eye!)
    Update from the last post: I bought that Giorgio Armani primer + highlighter kit and LOVE it! So fluid and sheer. Smells really clean, too.

How to earn money back from the NSale

And if there’s one way to justify spending, let that be Ebates.
A coworker told me about the site awhile back and all I can say is I wish I’d remembered to use it every time I shopped online since then. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re an online rebate shopping portal. Brands give Ebates a “commission” for bringing more customers to their sites, and Ebates gives customers a portion of that commission, which results in small savings that can add up. When I saw that they were giving 6% cash back on purchases, I made sure to use their portal before checking out and it paid off. I realized that they have a Chrome extension so I just added that to my browser and now it pops up whenever I’m shopping on a site that has Ebates offers. I’ve gotten about $40 back so far. And there are plenty of sites, including Expedia (up to 10%), Amazon (up to 7% back), eBay (up to 5%), and Nike (12% back) on there as well. You name the brand, they’re probably on there.
If you’re going to do any online shopping, you might as well save!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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