The ultimate fashion lifestyle and travel trend guide according to Instagram and Pinterest

With Instagram and Pinterest, trends are changing almost as quickly as they begin. I’ve rounded up a list of trends that are really headlining the social space right now. I don’t always like to follow trends, but I love knowing exactly what’s in style – especially before a trend starts to pick up too much and reach a critical mass. I guess you could say I love the research and discovery aspect of a trend cycle. It used to be that trends would come and go with the season, but nowadays, social media gives everyone the opportunity to create new styles and share them instantaneously and micro-trends pop up all the time. Here are a list of the some of the biggest fashion, lifestyle, and food trends of the moment.
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Fashion Trends

Off-the-shoulder everything

Personally I LOVE the off-the-shoulder trend. It’s cute and feminine and perfect for a casual summer soiree. As far as clothing choices, there are tons of great options out there. Below are a few of my favorites – I’m especially loving that ASOS red dress that’s only $25!

Choker Necklaces
I always feel a little too edgy wearing a choker (especially the quintessential 90s velvet black type), so I tried to find a few that were a bit more tame. But if you’re in the mood to wear one, you’re in good company. Taylor Swift is a fan, and described the trend best in reference to Coachella: “Chokers are this year’s flower crowns.” (Hint: Snapchat, where is your choker filter?)

The White Sneaker

Another trend that’s here to stay: The white sneaker. You’ll see the Adidas ‘Superstar’ all over the place.

Artsy Shades
I love sunglasses. They’re the easiest accessory to carry and switching your shades can make a huge impact on your outfit. This summer, swap your aviators and wayfairs for a fun, artsy style.

Herschel Bags
If you follow PNW lifestyle on Instagram, you will see these Herschel backpacks EVERYWHERE. The one I’m wearing below is from Moorea Seal.
Herschel Bag from @MooreaSeal boutique in Seattle - What's trending on Pinterest and Instagram

Lifestyle and Decor Trends

Swan/Flamingo/Emoji Pool Floats

We know the cute swan and flamingo floats are quite ubiquitous, so here are some unique ones to bring to your next pool party:

White, grey, black, clean lines and clutter-free space all make up the essentials of the minimalism trend. Inspired by Scandinavian design, minimalism is the cohesive mix of simplicity and functionality. Check out some pins here.

minimalism trend pinterest, fashion trends
Photo via:

Who doesn’t love succulents? Desert plants are all over the place these days and for good reason – they’re so easy to grow and maintain. I personally like to keep them at my workspace. Not only do they add some life to my space, but I don’t have to worry about them when I’m traveling.
Check out my Pinterest board for some inspo.

Succulents trendy plants
Image via:

Food Trends

From cauliflower rice to cauliflower grilled cheese, cauliflower is popping up all over Pinterest because it’s a healthy gluten alternative. Check out some great recipes here.

Look at this cauliflower pizza crust recipe – YUM!
Cauliflower pizza crust recipe

Aquafaba, or chickpea water, is another big trend. It’s a substitute for eggs and for that reason, vegan recipes are using it more than ever. Searches are up by 160% since the start of 2016!
This vegan chocolate mousse recipe from Tinned Tomatoes is made with aquafaba:
Vegan chicpea mousse aquafaba
Image via:

Wine Slushies

Need I say more? Find this recipe here.
Wine slushies


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