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All About Florals

I have been in the midst of redecorating my room and am working on upping my gallery wall game. Like many of you, I am super picky about the pieces I decorate with and have a hard time finding art that I LOVE. With that said, I thought I would be better off making something myself (even if it turned out terribly, it would still be fun!) I planned to paint some simple abstract pieces and went to Michael’s to pick up blank canvases. As I was standing in line, the bright floral array of silk flowers caught my eye and I got an idea: how pretty would it be to fill an entire canvas with silk flowers (especially hydrangeas!)? I already had silk flowers at home sitting in a bag that I was going to donate. Blank canvas in hand, I figured this would be a great opportunity to test out the idea. Sure enough, it was the EASIEST thing to make! I made a quick little video below so you can see how to make this fun D.I.Y. piece. Pin this tutorial.
All you need is:

  • A blank canvas (I bought mine from Michael’s)
  • Silk flowers
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • It would make for a great photo backdrop, gallery wall addition, or homemade Mother’s Day gift (just put it in a frame so the flowers don’t get dusty.)


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