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Welcome to the Capsule Closet Series! In this fourth segment, we’re talking about pants. (If you’re looking for capsule closet shirts, coats, or shoes, check out the respective links.)
Anyone who read “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” knows just how important a solid pair of jeans can be. (If you didn’t read this classic piece of early 2000s literature, in short, they were life changing.)
When you’re defining your capsule closet, just make sure you have some magical pants and you should be set. Right? Well, the working girl knows that as great of a pair of jeans they may be, they won’t get you through the business-casual 9-to-5.

Behold, a list of capsule closet essentials that will have you covered from workplace to weekend.


    Statement skirts
    Yoga/workout pants
    Flare Jeans (my personal favorite!)
    Skinny jeans
    White jeans

xx Amanda